Ground Zero Mosque Ad

I found myself watching this ad over and over. Then once or twice I just listened to the words with out looking.  I got the message from the ad; that it would not be right if the mosque would be in place near ground zero.  The tone was very high and determined to reach all viewers, and have the issue shut down.  They wanted viewers to take matters into their own hands, if our government didn’t step up and defend the people that died on 9/11.  It was straight forward with it’s message.  The music and the visuals made it come to life; on how real the situation and outcome would be.  It gets the viewers angry and ready to react with out thinking.  As Americans we had to do something about the events, and not wait for our political officials to do close to nothing.  It is a very intense and angry message to send out to people.  There are a lot of people out that would probably try and retaliate, then face hard consequences later.  I think they could have went about the ad in a different way.  They could have had a meeting about the actions needed to be taken by the government.  I guess people know how slow the government works, and is tired of waiting.  The ad is saying to stand up now, and be heard and fight back to things we don’t want.  Especially in the sense that Jihad killed 3,000 Americans, and that wanted a temples built afterwards.  That would be the ultimate slap in the face.  The narrator often said  “we” in the ad, stating if we come together we can make a big difference.  I feel like more signed petitions and protest will make a difference, and not the violent one they wanted out of this ad.  The style of the ad was to attract hatred and that will not get us any where.  I hope many  viewers have minds of their own, and take a better route as to fixing difficult situations in life.

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Recap on Band of Brothers

I really did not like the fact that I had a war series. I hate war and battles, because it’s full of guts flying and bombs going off.  The series of Band of Brothers changed my view on war films.  It took me a while to get past the blood and weapons, but underneath all of that came to light a very emotional and breath taking bond.  The journey of these soldiers through D-Day and the Battle of the Bulge.  The victories which made some men move up in rank.  The defeats in where some soldiers of Airborne division; Easy Company were either wounded or lost their lives.  I fell in love with the stories these men had, and was excited to watch each episode to find out more about their life in war.  The series focused on their commanding officer  Major Richard D. Winters, played by actor Damian Lewis.  The steps he took to keep his men alive, even after he was not in total command of the 2nd Battalion.  He showed dedication and strength for the men, when they didn’t have any.  When they needed answers or guidance they would always look for Major Winters.  I don’t think the soldiers would have seen the end of the war, if it was not for Major Winters.  I have to state that the music played a major role in how the scenes were set.  The music was by Michael Kamen, who did a fantastic job on creating a story through sound.  The emotions portrayed on the actors face, would also be formed in the music played. One scene I remember was in the first episode when they were on the ship sailing past the Statue of Liberty.  They all knew why they were fighting,and you can hear that determination and patriotic sound which gave me a good feeling watching it.  This is what our troops are doing right now in the Middle East.  It made me understand a little bit better what our troops are going through overseas.  The men shared their lives with each other, and became protective of each other.  The fought long and hard against the Germans, and with that in time came victory. It was amazing sharing the feeling of relief that the war was over.  Along the journey you had the people that came in, and made a nice or sour impact. Well Captain Sobel who was played by actor David Schwimmer was the sour impact.  He was the drill officer for Easy Company when they were in training in the beginning.  He didn’t know how to treat the men.  Major Winters took over the Company during the battle, but later on Captain Sobel walked past Major Winters.  Major Winters told  Captain Sobel, ” you salute the rank, not the man.”  I thought that had to be the best line in the series, and they saved it for last.  It was Major Winters kind of getting back at Captain Sobel for treating him and the men so horrible.  That was icing on the cake when he came walking past Major Winters.  Other then that I have to give great credit to the Visual Effects team; who made the blood and wounds look so real. At one point I thought I was watching a documentary, instead of a series.

I have changed my view on certain war movies, Band of Brothers was perfectly executed.  They couldn’t have done a better job, in giving eyes to the stories they have heard of these soldiers.  I teared up after the last episode was over.  The way the soldiers spoke about one another, and how they will never forget what took place.  It was an amazing series which was sad when it came to the end, but the story had ended in success with these Band of Brothers.

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Band of Brothers: Points Episode# 10

This is it the last episode of Band of Brothers, and I’m sitting here praying that they are going to win this war.  I have gotten so attached to all of the characters, and the roles they play. I respect them men, but even more the real soldiers that had to really live out the events.  It opens with images of the forest; it is very quiet even looks peaceful. Major Winters is asked to take a position on in the Army permanently.  Captain Nixon is ready to go home because it has been so long, he also offers Major Winters to come with him to work in New Jersey.  Even though they found out Hitler was dead the war is not over, so Easy Company was given the mission to capture and take property of Eagle’s Nest.  It was Hitler’s mountain side retreat near Berchtesgaden.  The mansion was a beautiful site, but was also bought by the evil Nazis party.  Easy Company walked in to find a body; which looked to be Hitler himself to me on the floor behind a couch.  The men were relaxing that they captured the house, then they got the best news ever from Major Winters.   The Germans surrendered  which meant this was V Day (Victory Day).  I know that the feeling of knowing the war was over had to overwhelm the soldiers. That feeling didn’t last long since they found out that there was another war under fire in Japan.  A lot of the men needed 85 points to be sent back home from their services in the military.  They drafted lotteries to make it possible for soldiers who didn’t have enough points, to have a chance to leave. I would think it would be a good thing the war was over, no more deaths but that wasn’t the case.  The soldiers were dying from crazy circumstances like a car accident on the road.  Then  Ssgt “Shifty” Powers won the lottery to go home, but he found himself not understanding how to deal what he has seen in the past years.  I believe a lot of soldiers have to deal with the same problem; of coming home from battle and trying hard to adapt back to regular living.  It has to be the worst transition, but I have to give it to those who come home and cope. Ok I’m sitting here watching this episode and I’m upset how people are still getting killed.  I was so shocked when soldiers started hurting each other, due to the increase in liquor and free time around them.  A damn replacement shot Sgt. Grant in the head!!!! I saw a piece of his brain fly out, when the soldier shot him.  That was not expected at all, and they found a German brain surgeon to operate and save Sgt. Grant’s life.  This is crazy how a lot of the soldiers will be deployed after finishing one war, to head to the Pacific if they didn’t have enough points.  Major Winters was making it his business that all the men in Easy Company was assigned to a different area, so they wouldn’t have to deal with another battle.  The last scenes were the men of Easy Company playing baseball, and having fun for once with no care.  They have fought for too long and they were gonna celebrate the end together.  I have to rate the episode 5 out of 5.  I seriously almost had tears in my eyes, at the end when they were interviewing all the soldiers from Easy Company.  The love they showed for one another, the pride they took in serving with each other.  The have these memories for the rest of their lives, and will not forget what affects they made on history.  I truly loved how the ended the episode with Major Winters talking about how he served with the finest men he has ever known.  The bond he carries with these men; made them his brothers for life.  A great ending I would have to say; for a powerful series.

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Band of Brothers:Why We Fight Episode#9

The soldiers of Easy Company realize that the Germans are fighting this war and are not really the enemy. It is like if they didn’t have to fight against each other, they would have be friends in a sense.  The circumstances that they are in, fighting the war make them hate each other.

The opening scene was a German man with a close up on his face, but you hear him playing the violin. Then the camera goes from a focused shot to a wide shot of the first man and three others playing the violin. It is later discovered that they were playing Beethoven.  The song sounded like it should have been played at a funeral, but it was. Later on in the episode you find out that the Germans were keeping Jewish people imprisoned. They were discovered to be war camps, and later on in history it was known as the Holocaust. Hitler had no kind of mercy; to me he was like the devil himself living on Earth.  There was a lot of devastating news in this episode, from Captain Nixon being demoted and having a really bad drinking problem. He seriously had a problem walking into German houses, looking for some liquor. Then the German woman appears in the house, and she and Captain Nixon have the craziest stare down.  Which I thought was funny, but you saw the look on the old woman’s face that she was disgusted and he was in her house and to leave. Captain Nixon truly lost his damn mind, always looking for that whiskey. Then Private Liebgott was the only Jewish speaking soldier in the division. In the efforts to scramble and find out what was going on at the war camps.  He was assigned to translate, and it hit home for him. The disgust grew across his face as well as the pain; it just tore him down to tears.  The Jewish prisoners were malnourished and barely living.  It was really disturbing to watch; all the bodies laying one on top the other.  I had to say that was the most horrific thing I had to see, but I will give it to the special effects team. I had to remind myself that they were just extras playing a role. The episode from the beginning is actually the ending where the men are playing the violins.  The Germans in the town have to help bury the entire camp of Jewish prisoner, who died while being starved to death.  The ending scene was priceless when Captain Nixon drives back to the war camp, and he sees the old woman he had the stare down with earlier. She is trying to move the bodies in to a ditch. She locks eyes with him and she looks ashamed of what has happened.  I just don’t understand how when 300,000 German soldiers surrender and then Hitler kills himself, the war isn’t over yet.  I would think that would end everything and the soldiers can go back home.  I believe the music wasn’t only for the Jewish people killed in Germany, but for the soldiers as well. They were not finished with the war, like what else were they suppose to do.  They were all going crazy from not being to get a break and return home since the war started.  I would have to rate this episode a 4 out of 5.  It is for the great special effects makeup that was used to make the extras look like they were really starved.  Their bones and pales complexion as well as darkened sunken in eyes.  That freaked me out a lot, but I would also have to say the music once again played a huge role in this episode. I noticed a lot if the music is done by violins, which show expression through song.  It always means something really powerful in the episodes used.  The episode captured what the soldiers had to go through and discover on a day to day basis.  It is some things I don’t even think I could handle, but these men were brave to stand all that came there way. I can’t wait for the last episode, but then I am also sad it is coming to an end. I hope they get to go back to England because from there it is home sweet home.

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Band of Brothers: The Last Patrol Episode# 8

I find myself anticipating the next episode and how it is going to start. I always watch the episodes in a comfortable place, like my bedroom or the living room.  I get the sense that the men from Easy Company are a part of my life now.  Their stories become engraved in the back of my head.  This episode we start with the interviews from the surviving soldiers.  The feelings that were felt when they lost someone close to them in the division.  They had to make sure they made it through, that is all they ever thought about.  They knew that not everyone will be able to see home again.

Once I saw the title of the episode “The Last Patrol”, I knew that something was gonna happen.  I’m already mad at the fact that most of my favorite characters  Ssgt. Toye and Sgt. Muck died or got wounded off.  Okay so now Pvt. Webster comes back from being wounded.  He is treated like an outcast from his own peers in the unit, because he was gone so long.  He was treated like a replacement, which was like a kick in the dirt to a lot of soldiers.  Lt. Jones was another fresh face, straight from the academy.  He was trying to earn the respect of others, and that was by going out into battle. The second platoon was given a mission, to go on a night patrol.  They were given the mission to bring back German prisoners for interrogation.  TSgt. Malarkey has been on the front line ever since the Easy Company was dropped into battle on D Day.  He has seen all his friends struggle to stay alive.  Lt. Jones saw it as an opportunity to prove that he can lead the men into battle. I don’t know about the next guy, but I would want the new person just learning the ropes to have me as a test dummy.  I am surprised that every last one of the men were not sick.  Captain Lipton came down with I believe it to be Pneumonia.  The weather was freezing cold, and they took showers inside a fort.  Captain Winters wouldn’t allow Lt. Jones to lead the patrol, but he was to go. The risk was high of someone ending up dead, since they were advised not to wear their helmets on the patrol.  I find that crazy to believe that the commanding officers would send the soldiers on a patrol without proper gear.  I see a pattern with the music selection for the show.  It consist of one violin playing, then which turns into 2 or 3 more.  Then they play in harmony, for the scenes to come.  It always comes together when a big decision is being mad, or the reaction to the decision.  The violins play while the men prepare for their patrol, which will lead them into enemy territory.

The soldiers manage to make it across the river, then the hard part comes.  The capture the Germans and try and bring them back across.  The gun play starts, all you hear are missiles being launched and the bullets being fired.  I have to give it to the sound effects. I don’t have surround sound, but it sounds like the bullets are flying right past my ears, and I’m trying to run away across that river too. The mission was complete but not without a scratch.  They lost Pvt. Jackson to a grenade that blew off half his face.  The men didn’t know how to handle death after death.  There was many that took to liquor just to ease the pain of what they had to over come everyday.

I was pissed off when Colonel Sink tried to make the men go back out, for a second patrol the next night.  Captain Winters knew they couldn’t handle another mission like that one.  His face read how he felt about losing another man in this division, and didn’t care about the person giving the orders at the moment.  This had to be my favorite part when Captain Winters goes to brief the men.  He tells them to get a good nights rest. Captain Winters is the man; if I ever joined the Army. That is who I would  want leading my group.  He is level headed and not going to risk soldiers’ lives for bragging rights.

The bond of the men are getting stronger and stronger, as I watch each episode.  They don’t take things for granted because of the circumstances.  This episode brings out the patriotic feelings and love for what these soldiers had to go through.  I can’t wait for the next episode. I am kind of getting upset the season is almost coming to an end.   I rate this episode a 5 out of 5.  I feel like I felt their pain a little bit more. The conditions they have to deal with over seas, while the people back home don’t even know what you have to do to survive.  The right to fight, but is the American people understanding the struggle these men went through for the win.  They showed the emotional breakdowns of the soldiers I have grown to love.  It is a wonderful message which they got across to me.  It was nicely executed with the music, which always captures me into the story line a little bit more.  There is more to come, and I can’t wait!!!

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Band of Brothers The Breaking Point Episode# 7

The ability to survive certain conditions at Bastogne took a big part out of the soldiers.  It became even harder when soldiers were  witnessing  close friends being killed.  How could you live with that, for the rest of your life?  Every where the soldiers looked it was death, from the people to the animals in the village.  The soldiers spoke about how they dealt with the memories of their falling brothers for many years.

I just want to put on record that I love Donnie Wahlberg who plays Ssgt. Lipton. It took me a while to pin point that this is Mark Wahlberg’s brother.  He is the narrator for this episode, he started off by talking about the new Lieutenant.  Lt. Dyke was someone that came from money and knew people in high places, that is how he got the job as lieutenant.  He was a bad leader because he made no decisions what so ever.  Honestly speaking Lt.Dyke looked a little coco for coa coa puffs.  Every time someone was looking for him he was off wandering in the woods, talking about he had to make a phone call.  I wanted to smack him the first time he started talking about a whole bunch of nothing.  In the episode they were trying to push the Germans out, but the Germans had more artillery with their big tanks and bombs.  Lt. Dyke was in charge and Captain Winters didn’t like the idea of who was leading his old company.  The man had no experience in combat so he knew it was a disaster waiting to happen.  Easy Company was attacked twice by the Germans; as the soldiers try and get to the nearest hut to protect themselves.  The trees started falling because they were being torn down by explosives.  The attack injured Guarnere and Toye, which got stuck with their limbs being blown from their bodies.  As nasty as that might sound, it was even more nasty for me to watch a man try and get up with no leg.  Oh that was a horrible scene two of my favorite characters get blown to pieces. This is something straight from the episode, “Fear is a poison in combat, you can’t show it.” Everyone of the main characters were affected by the deaths of their friends, or just being out in the cold no warm place to lay your head.  The soldiers were going a bit insane at one point, where a soldier was trying to dig a fox hut with his bare hands.  It is like they were in prison, they had no where to go, they had to keep moving. They didn’t know if they were gonna die at any moment.  All the things that can drive a person crazy in jail. I just think the two go hand in hand.  The last battle in the episode was lead by Lt. Dyke, but as I suspected he froze and didn’t know what to do.  He got a lot of men killed that day, but victory was the soldiers.  They captured a lot of German soldiers, but the war was no where near over.  Ssgt. Lipton made a roster of all the men that had died in combat. He started out with 145 men, now they only have 63! That is crazy because I don’t see any army of 63 doing any kind of major damage.

I rate this episode 2 out of 5.  I don’t appreciate them killing off most of my favorite people.  I understand they can’t keep everyone alive because it is a war show, but give me a break. I think 1 a show is fine not like 5! Over all it was a good episode, the sound effects is one of my  favorites through the episodes combined.

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Band of Brothers Bastogne Episode# 6

The men of Easy Company stated how hard the war was in Bastogne. It was very difficult to be positive,but those tried to stay confident in the given circumstances.  The lack of warmer clothing and medical aid not being dropped in the right drop zone.  The strength these men had to go out everyday and fight until they were relocated some where else.

It was kind of funny, I think just to me how in the middle of this freezing cold.  That Captain Winters still had time to shave his beard.  The area in which they were at was covered in fog, so they couldn’t see a lot.  Soldiers are walking into enemy territory, and having to retreat.  The walks through the snow and fog is not benefiting either side in the war.  Eugene is the doctor of Easy Company.  On a regular day he deals with saving soldiers lives.  He risk his life to save another.  I wonder if the medical staff goes through the same amount of training as a regular soldier?  I know that the medical staff carries guns too, I just never thought the training would be something familiar.  There is this one scene where the company is going out on a combat patrol.  I thought the blood shed is too much.  One soldier got shot in the neck and it was all over the place, that had to be the most graphical.  Every time Eugene goes to the aid station , there is a hill of body bags .On his trips to the aid station Eugene bonds with a nurse named Renae.

After helping so many wounded soldiers, it takes a toll on the mental capacity.  Eugene shuts down; where he stayed inside the fox hut even while someone calling for a medic.  It is strange how the medics always have to go into the battlefield and secure the wounded.  Eugene talks about the history and how his grandmother was a healer back Louisiana.  The power to help the wounded is his way of showing healing.  The bigger question is who is healing Eugene’s wounds from this part of his life.

I rated this episode a 4 out of 5, because it showed me how medical staff might feel being on the battle field working.  In the case where everyone is depending on you for medical attention 24 hrs.  Eugene had a minor melt down, but he came to realize that he is important to all the men.  Also his ability to care for the wounded is God’s gift.  It really captured this doctor’s journey of emotion on the war line.


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Band of Brothers Crossroads Episode# 5

The surviving soldiers from Easy Company air bourne division spoke about their leader.  What makes a good leader, how a good leader has to understand how to make decisions.  The year is now 1944 and the company is stationed in Holland.  Captain Winters has to write up reports, for all the cross fire Easy Company is a part of.  He writes a list of those injured, and inventory supply that is left from combat.  It shows how much responsibility Captain Winters has to deal with, according to his company of soldiers.  Plus the men above him that are in charge.  The orders given were always followed out by Captain Winters, he was later promoted to Executive Officer of the Battalion CP.  Which meant that he would not be leading Easy Company anymore.  I saw the frustration he had on his face when he had to watch the company’s victory from his office.  After he was promoted Captain Winters went to Paris for 2 days, just so that he could clear his head.  The last battle he was apart of with Easy Company was a close call.  The Germans out numbered division, which made it difficult to attack.  Captain Winters came up with a plan, so the soldiers could attack quickly and swiftly.  He found himself on a train just day dreaming.  He kept envisioning the soldiers faces and the gun fire.  He couldn’t shake the image of how he killed a German boy, but in all honesty the boy was a enemy. If Captain Winters didn’t fire, he would have been laying there in that field.  I get wrapped up in the story line of the soldiers and their feelings on surviving the war.  Once he came back from Paris, the company finds themselves going into battle on a cold snowy night.  The Army is retreating on foot with massive injuries.  The men are forced to go into battle with lack of proper clothing, and not enough ammunition.  A surprise appearance from Jimmy Fallon playing a Army Sergeant, bringing ammunition to Easy Company. The men were trading off ammunition, so they can have enough to help through the night.  In the ending quotes it stated how when you are surrounded, you dig a hole deep and wait.  I guess that meant the men were going to sneak attack the Germans in Belgium.  That was the only way the company was going to have a chance at survival.  They were in good hands with Captain Winters commanding.  I rated this episode a 4 out of 5.  It wasn’t a crazy episode with a lot of blood flying every where.  It focused more on Captain Winters and the decisions he had to make for the good of his men.  They respect him and he respects his man.

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The West Wing

The episode starts off with all the people working for the President, getting a page on their beepers.  The message read,”Potus was in a bicycle accident.”  Potus was code for The President of the United States.  When any event happens with the President, everyone is notified.  They work as a team and always keep others in the loop, of what is going on in The White House.  The show depicts the lives of all the voices behind the man in charge of our country.  The show brings to light Mr. Josh Lyman played by Bradley Whitford.  He is very outspoken person who works at the White House, but is in deep trouble by the things that he says to the wrong people.  The funniest character to me was Sam Seaborn played by Rob Lowe.  He accidentally sleeps with a call girl, but then turns around and wants to form a relationship with her.  The scene where he was talking to the fourth grade class about the White House, but not telling them anything valuable at all was very funny.  I don’t really care for shows dealing with politics, but I enjoyed watching The West Wing.  It was more than just what goes on in the White House.  It was the center station for what was going on in the world.  The man that really brought the show together was Martin Sheen; he plays President Bartlett.  In a certain point he is the fun loving and god worshiping democrat president.  People respect him not because he is the president, but because he is a genuinely good man with a bad sense of jokes.  He was talking to his doctor Captain Morris Tolliver, who just had a baby girl.  They bonded together in that short period of time; in which the President was having his medical check up.  Later on in the episode the President was notified that Tolliver was killed in a plane crash over Syria.  President Bartlett took it upon himself to call Tolliver’s wife, to inform her on the situation.  That is the respect that he showed and for someone he grew close to.  It goes to show you that the President will honor and protect the ones around him and his country.

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Live: Secret Samadhi (Century)

In listening to the song Century for the first time, I had no idea what the singer was singing about.  It really sounded like he was rambling like and old man, about people stealing his idea.  I didn’t know what idea in which was stolen.  It just didn’t make any kind of sense to me.  This song is definitely something I wouldn’t listen to, because I couldn’t understand the message in the song clearly.  I rather listen to country music, at least there I can actually hear a story being told.  I listened to the song a few more times. I still don’t know what the band is trying to say.  It is frustrating me a bit, so I turned to the lyrics to actually give me a clear understanding of what the song meant.

The only thing that stuck out was “the collapse of the justice… I can smell your armpits”.  It made me think of the government and how the system is collapsing because it is corrupt.  Those who are corrupting the system, are being backed into a corner.  That is why the singer says, ” I can smell your armpits”.  That indicates that the people that are doing bad, are panicking, and knows the truth will be revealed.  I felt at first there was two many topics going on in the song.  It is all incorporated to blow up in the end.  Also when the singer states,”everybody is here, but puke stinks like beer”.  I interpreted that because of a lot of things people were told, they gathered round.  It can be a whole lot of crap which represents the puke, but people keep listening.  They sit around and believe what ever is given to them to believe.  Then a light went off to google what Aldous meant, because it was written in a part of the song.  I wanted to know what the followers of Aldous was, and who is Aldous?  Aldous Huxley was a writer from London who published a book entitled Brave New World. The novel was about how we could combine new developments in reproductive technology and sleep learning.  Adlous was was stating how the future will be, but the group disagreed on what he was saying.  The song was talking about the century, that we didn’t prepare for, or more so misinformed about.  That would leave people in a a panic, and sooner or later collapse.  The band Live wanted to get out to listeners how they felt about issues in the world.  There is no better way of reaching people is through song.  I felt like it was a lot of decoding in the song that would have to be done to get the real message.  It took me a minute to decode the message, but I think I got it .  This group has been around since 1988, the year I was born.  They have seen a lot of things through the decades, and they always put their stories into songs.  I never heard of them but they are a well known group, but they receive more recognition overseas in places like South Africa, The Netherlands etc.  I can see myself opening up the music door, and branching out to discover other world famous groups and their message.

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